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“We are going to make fitness fun and you will love it”

Team at Connected Senses

Meet the team

Co-founder/ CEO

Raj is an electrical engineer graduated from Blekinge, Sweden. He has been living in Sweden since 2010 and has a strong passion for startups. Connected Senses is his first startup that was founded in the end of 2013. He also organises events, hackathon, teaches programming for kids and wants to inspire many people into starting their own company.
Co-founder/ CTO

Venkat is also an electrical engineer graduated from Blekinge, Sweden. He always likes to described as a techie by all means. He loves computers and electronics, sometimes more than humans. He has been part of the founding team from the beginning. He handles most of the technical things at the company.

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Mio Strength

Find the right training that works for you 

MioStrength, which means “My strength” is a smarter way to analyse your muscles’ fitness.

Then, you have the chance to choose the right workouts suitable just for you.

Why MioStrength?

People love training data and hence wearables have been a billion dollar market. But, a sad 45% of them end up in kitchen drawers after just few weeks of usage. 

MioStrength is not a wearable, but promises right data that can be used with training. We at Connected Senses know that fitness monitoring for all ages is good for effective training. And we are starting with muscle fitness, to begin with. 

Effective training

Starting from pointing out weak spots in muscle groups, the analysis helps both trainers and the user. They understand what the muscles challenges are before finding a suitable training routine.  

No more wrong routines, when one can spot it easily.

Smarter and easier

Imagine having MioStrength in your favourite fitness clubs. All you have to do is pop in to get muscle analysis right on your smartphone.  


The electronics are designed to be connected with any kind of harnesses, though we recommend using the ones that come with MioStrength.


We are working really hard to make fitness more fun and informative at the same time. We, at Connected Senses teamed up with sport scientists from Stockholm to know that we are doing things right. We are really proud about what we have accomplished together.

Here are some of our collaborations


Made to suit everyone's needs

  • Sport clubs

    Sport clubs

    Personalised routine for each player | Performance and analytics like never before | Prevent muscle injuries | Save huge rehabilitation costs
  • Personal trainers or therapists

    Personal trainers or therapists

    Make MioStrength a part of your group training sessions | Carry it with you easily | An effective interaction with clients | More happy clients
  • Fitness centers

    Fitness centers

    A smarter training experience for every client | Show your clients that you care | Better edge over your competition


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