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Bringing technology, fitness and health all together.

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Connected Senses is a smart fitness and health equipment manufacturer.

Our products help people find their way back from injuries as well as helping to achieve fitness goals more effectively and precisely. We create state of the art measuring instruments powered by our open platform / app where you can track and visualize your progress.

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Measuring and performing static training just got smarter

CS | Strength aims to help personal trainers, physiotherapists and sport science professionals to spot weaknesses and injuries beforehand or help people rehabilitate faster.CS | Strength is also supported by our open platform where the results are readily available as the tests are performed.These results are presented in graphical representations making it easier for both the users and the experts.


Every person is unique in their own way and so are their bodies too. CS | Strength helps trainers and therapists assess their clients’ muscle strength levels before prescribing a training session. In this way, they make sure that each client gets a personalized session based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Effective Training

Personalized sessions give better results. Our platform helps both the trainers and the users to visualize and track results which help them understand if they get results from the prescribed training sessions. This can save a lot of time for them so that they can focus on getting better results in a short time.


CS | Strength is developed with mobility in mind. No matter if you are a trainer who meets the clients out in nature or a small physiotherapy center downtown, we got you. CS | Strength is portable enough that makes your life easy. Imagine having Strength in your favourite fitness clubs. All you have to do is connect your smartphone and select the muscle groups to train on your app. CS | Strength can accommodate different muscle harnesses and this gives the user to choose variety of muscle groups.

Personal trainers

Be the personal trainer that you have always wanted to be. Interact effectively with your clients and follow their progresses as you go.Together with CS | Strength, you can make your training more informative and fun.


As a physiotherapist, you always have an important goal to help your patient to a speedy recovery. With CS | Strength, you can follow everything and guide the patients with all the data that you have. All the data can also be exported to the national system which gives you more freedom and power.

Sport clubs

Each player is unique and this would require additional tools to understand them better. CS | Strength can help the coaches identify each player’ s potential in a way that they also monitor for future injuries.Your coaches will be the real heroes when the club wants to invest in new players.

We are working really hard to make fitness more fun and informative at the same time.We teamed up with sport scientists from Stockholm to know that we are doing things right.We are really proud about what we have accomplished together and wish to help more people live a healthy life.